About our workshops

Bechdel Theatre’s workshops offer a supportive, relaxed and empowering space for sharing experiences, collaborative creativity, and peer-lead positive feedback.

Workshops have previously been held at Spotlight, The Mono Box, The Pleasance, Out of Joint studios, and Bristol University.

If you would like to talk about booking us to lead a workshop in your theatre, rehearsal room or university, please email us on

Theatre-Maker’s Inspiration

clear glass jar filled of coloring pens beside of white sketch pad

A practical workshop for devisers, theatre-makers, aspiring writers, and anyone who wants to create theatre “from scratch”.

An exploration into the process of using experience, inspiration, imagination and collaboration to create characters, scenes, and stories that authentically reflect the world around you in a way that is uniquely yours.

  • The workshop begins by looking at the moment when creative work begins – considering what we think about before putting pen to paper to create a script.
  • We will provide you with inspiration in the form of voice recordings, images and music which you’ll use to inspire a cast of brand new characters. You’ll collaborate with another artist to create a short scene which will be read for the group.
  • The workshop ends with a supportive feedback session where you’ll share responses to each other’s work, discuss how you may develop your scenes/characters in future, and how collaboration can help to improve representation on stage.

Empowering Actors

Julie Cheung-Inhin in rehearsals for Bechdel Testing Life, photo by Sonia Archer

Julie Cheung-Inhin in rehearsal for Bechdel Testing Life (photo by Sonia Archer)

An intimate and empowering workshop for actors in need of a confidence-boosting break from being sidelined or stereotyped.

An exploration of your unique qualities as an actor and human. We will discover and celebrate your personal characteristics, skills and experiences, how you use them to create your best work, and how they make you the right person to play the roles you want on stage.

  • The workshop will begin with some games and conversations to find out what is important about your identity, what you look for in a script, what kind of parts you love, and which characters you want to play.
  • We will pair you with another actor and cast you in a scene which will be rehearsed and performed for the group.
  • The workshop will end with a sharing of positive peer feedback about your performances, the qualities that every actor brings to a character and scene, and your castability.

Selling Your Feminist Show

Woman Using Megaphone

A practical workshop aimed at individuals and theatre companies producing and/or marketing their own show.

A valuable insight into what it’s like being on the receiving end of press releases from people who see a LOT of theatre promoting itself to feminist audiences.

  • The workshop begins by looking at some examples of the kinds of press releases and marketing material that are sent to us, and the types of social media campaigns which draw our attention.
  • You’ll work in groups to examine in detail the different approaches that can be taken when contacting press including imagery, copy, links, and tone of communication.
  • The workshop finishes with a practice pitching session where you will  talking up a production in an “elevator pitch” style, including the opportunity to get feedback on a pitch for your own work, if applicable.

Establishing A Feminist Working Practice


An brand new empowering workshop for anyone forming a theatre company, or entering a rehearsal space with other artists and looking to create the safest and most positive working environment.

  • This workshop uses Theatre Of The Oppressed exercises to consider how we might create the safest working space possible for ourselves and colleagues.

Feedback from previous participants


Here’s what participants from past workshops felt about the experience:

“A strong sense of camaraderie and support.”  

“Fun, low-pressure, and I left feeling confident in my work.”

“I felt encouraged to take risks in a way I hadn’t before.”

“You come out feeling hopeful.”

“You’ll get great feedback and be able to single out what your personal strengths are.”

“Do you like interesting female characters that are talking about something other than men? This is where you should go!”

More information

Bechdel Theatre workshops are open to people of all genders, but have a strong feminist focus, and are aimed specifically at people who feel their voices are often underrepresented on stage – if you are a white, cis, posh, non-disabled, straight man, then this space is not for you. If you have a question about accessibility or content, please feel free to email anytime on

Participants with all levels of experience are welcomed warmly. We all have something valuable to learn from each other: from seasoned theatre professional to complete newbie. You don’t have to have been to the right drama school/written a play/produced a show to connect and collaborate meaningfully with other like-minded artists.

Bechdel Theatre’s workshops are lead by Beth Watson and Pippa Sa, who work as performers, devisers and workshop facilitators alongside their Bechdel-related work. Beth & Pippa will always be available after workshops and happy to chat to any participants wanting to talk further about their wider work, theatre, feminism, or any topics raised in the workshops.

These workshops were originally conceived with the help of theatre director & writer friends of Bechdel Theatre: Lizzie Milton, Madelaine Moore, Laura Keefe and Floriana Dezou – we recommend checking out all of their work!