Support Us

Bechdel Theatre has yet to receive any funding beyond small donations from generous individual members of the public who care about gender and representation on stage.  We are a not-for-profit run by 2 people, motivated by the desire see change in our industry. We are not affiliated with or supported by a larger organisation or building. We are independent, working only for our community. We can only exist with your support! 

Here are some ways you can support our work…

Support us with money

  • Donate to our GoFundMe page to support our work at Edinburgh Fringe 2019. Donations start at £5.
  • Buy us a Ko-Fi anytime. Donations start at £3.
  • Become a PATRON  for less than £1 a month. This vital support keeps us going with a regular monthly income. You help us pay for boring stuff like our website & podcast hosting and get EXCITING stuff in return, like badges, and theatre ticket discount deals.

Support us with employment or exchange

  • Advertise with us, if you have a product or service that might suit a feminist/theatre audience. We will NOT take payment for advertising shows/productions or venues. We WILL take payment for advertising your: eco make-up brand, ethical clothing company, womxn with a van service, gender-inclusive dance classes, rehearsal room, photoshoot, ticketing website, lighting hire etc. WHATEVER IT IS YOU DO, as long as it fits with our values. If you’d rather give us your product/service than cash (and it’s something we use/need) we can also offer advertising on our platforms as part of a fair exchange. Email us.

Support us in other ways

  • Volunteer for us. If you’re interested in helping out with any of our activities drop us an email telling us who you are and what you do, and we’ll let you know if there are any upcoming events or projects that we might need an extra pair of hands for.
  • Leave our podcast a review on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast app – high star ratings and genuine positive responses only take a few minutes, and go a long way to helping us reach new and wider audiences.

Thank you! 

Special thanks to everyone who has supported this project so far, with money, skills, time, and invaluable advice. Especially our fellow struggling artists!