Support Us

Bechdel Theatre has yet to receive any funding beyond small donations from generous individual friends and members of the public who care about gender representation on stage. This project has grown enormously quickly and we need money to keep going.  We can only exist with your support! 

Become a PATRON  for less than £1, £5 or £10 a month. This vital support keeps us going with a small regular income. You can help us pay for boring stuff like our web hosting and get EXCITING stuff in return, like badges, Patreon-only updates, and EXCLUSIVE theatre ticket discount deals.


Volunteer for us

If you’re heading up to Edinburgh Fringe this year you can help us Bechdel Testing Theatre. Drop us an email and we’ll get you kitted out with a pack of stickers so you can be part of our team highlighting Bechdel test passing shows wherever and whenever you see them at the Fringe.


Thank you! 

Special thanks to everyone who has supported this project so far, with money, skills, time, and invaluable advice. Especially our fellow struggling artists!