Bechdel Theatre Festival


Celebrating Women In Theatre

Bechdel Theatre Festival was launched at The Arts Theatre on March 20th 2016.

What’s Bechdel Theatre Festival?

Bechdel Theatre is holding post-show pop-up conversations in theatre bars and cafes, in a celebration of plays that ace the Bechdel test.

What are we celebrating?

We celebrate shows of every style and scale (from Fringe to West End) representing women who exist beyond their relationships to men.

To suggest a show you think is worth talking about please get in touch.

What are the conversations like?

Conversations focus on sharing responses to the story and characters, themes that relate to real life and pop culture, framed in non-theatre-specific language (eg. if the play was ‘Top Girls’ we may talk about: motherhood, class, “career women”, and what’s changed since the 1980s).

Who’s it for?

Anyone seeking a deeper discussion than can be held on twitter. Bechdel Theatre Festival conversations are free to attend, though you will need to buy a ticket to the show.

We particularly encourage the attendance of feminists who use the Bechdel test on films, but don’t attend theatre as often, and ask our regularly theatre-going followers to bring a feminist friend to events.

Will the actors/writer/director be there?

Our conversations bring together theatre-lovers, first time theatre-goers and professionals on a level platform, with all opinions and contributions to discussion equally valued.

Cast and creatives from every show we celebrate are invited to events, but under no obligation to attend. If they choose to do come they’re not expected to give a formal talk or Q&A.

When and where is the next conversation happening?

We announce events on social media, wherever and whenever we find shows that deserve celebration and provoke conversation.  Follow on Twitter and Facebook for announcements.

Booking Information

How do I join a conversation?

Email with the subject line: “[Production title] Conversation” to let us know you’re coming so we can make sure we have enough space and seats and let you know where to find us, as we’re often talking in the theatre bar or cafe.

I can’t afford a ticket to the show you’re talking about. Can I still join the conversation?

We’ll RT any special offers on tickets to help you find the best deal, but you MUST see the show to be able to join in.

I can’t attend on the date specified. Will there be another chance to talk about the show?

Please tweet your thoughts, we’ll RT so other followers can see your responses and join in. It’s not the same as a face-to-face gathering, but the more sharing the better!





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