Bechdel Testing Life


Bechdel Testing Life is our creative project, providing a platform for women’s voices in a series of new plays with a unique concept behind their creation:  We collect recordings of real-life conversations that pass the Bechdel test, and give them to playwrights to use as inspiration.

Anyone who’s life passes the Bechdel test can take part, by recording a conversation. Find out how to record yourself.

The first performances of Bechdel Testing Life plays was held at Theatre Delicatessen’s Old Library in January 2017, including work by Melissa Dunne and Bridget Minamore. You can see some extracts from the first plays on Youtube.

The next four Bechdel Testing Life plays by Isley Lynn, Rabiah Hussain, Guleraana Mir and Lizzie Milton, will be staged at The Bunker on July 22nd and 23rd.

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If you are a playwright, director or actor with an interest in the project, send us an email: We are particularly keen to hear from BAME/POC, D/deaf, Disabled, and LGBTQ+ artists.